3 movies

michael szpakowski

all 3 have sound

(1)   road movie

mouse over the coloured lines - any contact with them will trigger some sound event - loops on or off, change of loop &c - with practice quite subtle control is possible - try working "mazewise" to switch individual lines on & off - give particular 'states' time to develop before changing them - different points on the lines trigger different sounds - to silence a line mouse over its furthest point right

(2)   noir

not interactive, but generative - 'noir' constructs itself & its soundtrack anew on each pass through - length may vary - continuously looped but if you're in a hurry just hit 'refresh' for a new version

(3)  my garden - the cherry tree - two days in early spring

use the mouse to interact with the movie - this affects rate of images and sound - not quite sure how or why - slow moves along the diagonal, slow circles both within and going outside the image rectangle seem quite promising

'road movie' is based on a sequence from the prelinger archive movie Midwest Holiday

'noir' is based on sequences from two prelinger archive movies - D.O.A  and Third Avenue El