"An aroused public within the more free and democratic societies can direct policies towards a much more human and honorable course." – Noam Chomsky

National Insecurity

Under the guise of "Homeland Security," we find ourselves today primarily a nation of insecure workers scared to death of our future, of our ability to consume corporate food at any cost, of our right to buy gas guzzling vehicles that double as tanks. Since September 11, all levels of government have been pointing fingers like never before while our airports become Keystone cop scenarios and our border security remains a farce. Our children have access to better technology than our federal intelligence agents.

Homeland Insecurity Advisory System

By now, it has become common knowledge that the Administration and other dangerous bureaucrats are increasingly conspiring with corporations, military officials, energy industry, etc., to carry out their heinous acts. In response to these serious threats to our Nation, to the safety and well-being of the American people, to the health of our environment, to the diverse cultures of the world, and to the creative potentialities of a safe, secure and vibrant social environment, the US Department of Art & Technology and the Experimental Party are responding by concentrating our efforts, including artistic and technological resources, to fight a broad array of the Administration's political crimes.

In 2004, the Experimental Party has activated the Homeland Insecurity Advisory System. This advanced system, designed by Jonah Brucker-Cohen (Under Secretary of the Office of Homeland Insecurity), is broadcasting the daily threat condition confronting citizens of the US and around the world due to the risk of the Administration's policies and decisions. It is important to identify the threats to our nation resulting from government-in-action.

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"Our primary mission every morning when we wake up is to go to work to protect America." – Tom Ridge, Secretary, US Department of Homeland Security


"As we know, the one thing Americans, perhaps more than any other nation on the planet, fear - is death itself." – Abe Golam

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