"You will now, and without fear, and with unfeigned pleasure, enter our visionary world." – Pablo

National Headquarters
coming in 2004

The Experimental Party Headquarters will not simply be an information portal, rather, a place where people gather to explore shifting paradigms, a space where the outside world is turned inside-out, a journey into an alternate reality, a sphere of artifice shot through with streaks of light and mutating signs. This is a space for the new media - dispersed, intermingled, sprouting rhizomes here and there, paradigms and perspectives that have emerged in our increasingly technological society. The Experimental Party National Headquarters is a shift to experimental thinking, an environment, a system of communication and production, a collective event that transforms the disenfranchised into active citizens, enabling them to enter the political process with renewed hope and agency.


For the Experimental Party, National Headquarters is a place to communicate the value and importance of free expression, a place where media is being liberated. Through strategies that are now free floating in our culture, available for use in new contexts, our operation continuously and skillfully deconstructs itself, presenting the participant with countless scandals and investigations - a potent mix of excitement and substance.

One of the key challenges is to make progressive use of state-of-the-art technology in a new, free-flowing media environment. Our approach combines social critique and experimentation with distribution technology to structure a communications operation that fully subverts the status quo of corporate-driven America - the media, the CEO's, the politicians, and the myriad national and local officials seeking to pummel our so called democratic system. The Experimental Party features a rich set of technological innovations, high-tech programs, and stunning research initiatives.

EP National Headquarters

Experimental National Committee | Washington, DC
Fax: 202.342.1293 | E-mail: info@experimentalparty.org