April 1, 2003

Experimental Party Activates "We the Blog"

"In order to form a more Artistic Union"


Washington, D.C. - The Experimental Party today announces "We the Blog," a bold, new initiative to re-activate the ideals of democracy through discussion among artists, cultural critics and other creative people who are "repositioning themselves as new leaders in the governance of this planet, particularly in these times of crisis," according to Founder Jeff Gates.

"We the Blog" offers information and dialogue - from artistic expression to political activism - as a tool for facilitating the artist's need to extend aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture where ideas become real action.

"As technology fuels new ways of communicating, the blog (web log) is resulting in certain kinds of human actions that were never possible before," said Gates, a Principal Artist of the Experimental Party. He adds, "'We the Blog' will offer an artistic alternative to the spin-doctors of the Republican and Democratic parties. 'We the Blog' will be the virtual community to participate in as the War rhetoric ramps up."

Under Secretary of the Office of Freedom of Speech, Mark Amerika, comments, "True blog, then, is not blog as we know it, but as we un-know it. It incites creation - more invention - so that you yourself have to get down and dirty into the developmental process activating the network with your own mixillogical discourse. This is blog as inventive remix machine placing value on what it sees, what it links to, how it appropriates the Other and strips it of its isolation."

Abe Golam, Director of the Office of Economic and Homeland Insecurity of the US Department of Art & Technology has declared, "Under the banner of the Experimental Party, 'We the Blog' is guaranteed to stir up controversy in the global computer networks, that 'non-place' place where the true battle for democracy in America will be fought and won."

Since September 11, an existential darkness has possessed our government, grips its soul, threatening the American way of life. In defending our homeland, artists must now fight to protect the democratic ideals and principles of freedom on which our nation was founded. People increasingly are forgetting what shaped their past. When a people fails to know why it exists and what it stands for, it cannot be expected to long endure.

According to Secretary Randall M. Packer: "We are artists united by common purpose - freedom of expression. Our strength lies in our shared artistic ideals. The Experimental Party is activating "We the Blog" for the very survival of participatory democracy. As James Madison said 'the diffusion of knowledge is the only true guardian of liberty.'"

"We the Blog" Founding Statement


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