The Experimental Party
DisInformation Center

Our decision to hold the Experimental Party DisInformation Center while the spotlight was on New York City was of tremendous significance. It represented the need to manipulate worldwide media coverage of the Republican Convention while the Bush Administration was exploiting the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 for political hype.

The Experimental Party DisInformation Center continues on-line. As the election heats up, we intend to subvert the ensuing propaganda of the Republicans with our own techniques of media and illusion. Our decision will show that if you want to carry out anarchic entertainment for the nation, there’s no better time to do it then when America's commitment to democracy is teetering along the deathline.

– USDAT Secretary Randall M. Packer

Participating US DAT staff artists:

Mark Amerika, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Andy Deck, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky & '47,' Jeff Gates, Jon Henry, Lynn Hershman, Gregory T. Kuhn, Andrew Nagy, Alexander Provan, Trace Reddell, Rick Silva, Jill Steinberg, and Wesley Smith.

Featured projects:

The Experimental Party: Filmed on location in Washington, DC, the Experimental Party video immerses the viewer in the propaganda and fantasy of the utopian proposal of an artist-driven politic. This is an invitation to participate in the jettison of reason and the escape from the clogs of convention in surrender to the unbridled surge of spirit and fantasy (Randall M. Packer, staff artists).

Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK): MDK is a real-time system that alters broadcast media live and in real-time, transforming news stories, advertising, political pundancy, live up-dates, scrolls, and network logos into an immersive, sensorial, multimedia experience. (Randall M. Packer, Wesley Smith)

Department Works, Mixologies and Transformations: The re-teleprompting and media hacking of all things politic... video works by staff artists of the US Department of Art & Technology. Streaming broadcast via TEL-SPAN. (Mark Amerika, Andy Deck, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Trace Reddell, Rick Silva) A medium that offers an artistic alternative to the spin-doctors of the political parties. is the virtual community to participate in with media artists, cultural critics and other creative people who are repositioning themselves as new leaders in the governance of this planet. (Jeff Gates)

Homeland Insecurity Advisory System: A Web-based initiative designed to broadcast the daily threat condition confronting citizens of the US and around the world due to the risk of our government-in-action. (Jonah Brucker-Cohen)

USA Exquisite Corpse: Units of the 3rd Infantry Division, along with elements of the 6th Armored Division and 9th Calvary Battalion, seized Madison Square Garden in downtown New York City early the morning of the eve of the Republican National Convention, demonstrating to the world that artistic forces can move at will, as confirmed by the US Department of Art & Technology at 0500 hours. (Andrew Nagy)

Abe Golam for President 2004 (A PolyVocal Remix): This politically reborn avatar-candidate has decided to change American political culture by remixing Government announcements, proclamations, speeches, and iconography. (Mark Amerika, Randall Packer)

The Experimental Party DisInformation Center is an initiative of the US Department of Art & Technology.