Art has nothing to do with truth. Truth lies between entitites. To want to be objective is one-sided. To be one-sided is pedantic and boring..." – Situationists

Coping with Reality

Coping with reality is crucial to the Experimental Party. Whether you are synchronizing wirelessly or connecting via satellite linkup, we are there and available whenever you want, whoever you are, wherever you go. We encourage you to participate in "We the Blog" with other independent citizens, view the world out-of-context and up-to-the-minute, in order to stay in touch with the pulse of the human condition in these extraordinary times of crisis.

Gates Poll

What percentage of Americans currently engage in extreme states of subjective experience? How will we cope with reality and the complexities of the human condition in a post-apocalyptic 21st century America? These and other probing questions are asked by the Gates Poll, a state-of-the-art polling and voting database designed by Jeff Gates, Under Secretary for the Office of Artist & Homeland Insecurity of the US Department of Art & Technology. The Gates Poll is intended to monitor the heartbeat of America.

The Gates Poll, a subsidiary of the Gates Organization, is a not-for-profit rethink-tank that studies the absurdities and tragedies of human nature and behavior. Gates consults the world's leading artists and cultural thinkers to formulate its penetrating analyses.



"These contumacious students were, as students frequently are, inebriated by ideas to the point of silliness." – George Will


"Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you." – Ralph Nader

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