November 2

Election Night Remix with DJ Spooky

Election Night Remix
Featuring Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid
Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK) / Randall Packer
Produced by Robin Bell / Video Syndicate
Tuesday, November 2nd, 8:30 pm
Black Cat - 1811 14th St. NW
Washington, DC
Admission: $12

The presidential election coverage will be the subject matter for the evening’s media deconstruction.

Media Deconstruction Kit

October 31

On Truth

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a
revolutionary act." -- George Orwell

October 10

Protecting the Nation's Grip on Reality

The Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK) has been used to remix and deconstruct FOX News since it was first introduced in 2003. During the final weeks of the presidential election, while the rhetoric heats up, the Department will continue to put the altered matter out on the Net in an effort to swamp the mass-media with total illusion (View at )

October 2

The Antidote to the Spectacle

This just in from art critic Reiko Tomeii describing the Experimental Party DisInformation Center: "This imaginary "ministry" (US DAT) is a work of conceptualism. It offers not so much a self-righteous antigovernment protest as a humorous deconstruction of media culture, which we absorb (and we are made to absorb) in everyday life, often without knowing it. They literally pixelize the news media in their installations, providing an antidote to politics as spectacle."

September 4

Post-Mortem Lounge

For the closing of the Experimental Party DisInformation Center, we invite you to participate in the post-mortem lounge. Bring your own eulogy (BYOE) and speak to the precarious condition of the state of America. Saturday, September 4, 6 - 8 pm, LUXE, 24 W. 57th St., 5th floor, NYC.

September 1

Citizens' Preparedness Guide to a Post-Apocalyptic 21st Century

Due to popular demand, the US Department of Art & Technology has issued a pdf copy of the Citizens' Preparedness Guide. Download this vital document now!

August 20

Experimental Party DisInformation Center
Comes to New York City

The Experimental Party DisInformation Center, presented by the  US Department of Art & Technology, an immersive media installation subverting Republican propaganda, is now open at LUXE Gallery, 24 West 57th St. The DisInformation Center runs through Saturday, September 4th, when it will close with the Post-Mortem Lounge from 6 – 8 PM. Regular hours for the installation are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM.

Three years in the making, the installation is the culmination of a project started by US Department of Art & Technology Secretary Randall M. Packer in 2001 when he created a “virtual government agency” as a critique of the role of the artist in society. “Following 9/11, I called for recommendations on how Americans can by served by artists in order to be prepared for the consequences of a culturally divisive world,” says Secretary Packer. “Now we are bringing our project examining political propaganda to New York City at this critical time right before the Republican National Convention. I call upon Department artists to carry out crucial acts of artistic mediation.”

Secretary Packer has collaborated with US DAT staff artists including: Mark Amerika, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Jeff Gates, Jon Henry, Gregory T. Kuhn, Lynn Hershman, Andrew Nagy, and Wesley Smith. Additional works by Andy Deck, DJ Spooky and '47,' Trace Reddell, and Rick Silva are also included. Convention coverage will be provided by Alexander Provan and the Experimental News team.

July 30

Interview on art radio

Interview with Secretary Randall M. Packer and Andy Deck (Under Secretary of the Bureau for the Transformation and Radicalization of Corporate Culture and Militarism) on art radio.

July 23

Propaganda Hospitality Suite

The Experimental Party DisInformation Center opens with the Propaganda Hospitality Suite on Saturday, August 21, 6 - 8 pm, bringing together diverse elements of the politically-charged artists and activists converging on New York for an evening of pre-convention revelry. The event features special appearances by Axis of Eve, Billionaires for Bush, Armed Artists of America (AAA), MTAA Mobile Bunker, USA Exquisite Corpse, The Secretary, and the Virtual Voice of America singing "God Bless America." All artists, citizens and Republicans are encouraged to "bring your own propaganda" (BYOP). LUXE gallery, 24 W. 57th St., 5th floor, #503, NYC. 212.404.7455

June 21

US DAT to Stage Convention Intervention
Experimental Party DisInformation Center

From August 21st to September 4th, the US Department of Art & Technology will present to the nation the Experimental Party DisInformation Center. New York City and LUXE Gallery on 57th St. will serve as the focal point, but the Department encourages participation by artists and citizens all over America and throughout the world. For more information.

May 26

Call-To-Action: "10,000 Acts of Artistic Mediation"
Saturday, June 12, 7pm
Active Duty: Armed Artists of America
Studio 84, 84 South First Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Secretary Randall M. Packer of the US Department of Art & Technology will deliver a call-to-action for artists and citizens to carry out "10,000 Acts of Artistic Mediation" during the Republican National Convention. Secretary Packer will be recruiting artist-delegates to participate in US DAT's 2004 Experimental Party National (Un)Convention & (Dis)Information Center at the LUXE Gallery in NYC, August 20 - September 4. The Secretary's address will take place in conjunction with Active Duty: Armed Artists of America, a show "armed with ideas and the tools to create a rapid response agenda to stop the global progression towards World War III." In response, the Secretary will call on coalition artists to inspire other artists into action by undergoing aesthetic operation as a form of magic designed as a mediation between our strange hostile world and the human spirit.

April 14

INTERFACE @ LOCAL 16 [art + activism]

Join the Experimental Party for an evening of
Deconstructive Surgery on the Artificial Skin.

Wednesday, April 21, 6pm
Local 16 (upstairs]
1602 U St, NW [16th & U]
Washington, DC
free/cash bar

Andy Deck, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky & 47, Randall Packer,
Trace Reddell, Rick Silva, and Wesley Smith
(preview at TEL-SPAN)

Noskilz Sound & Video Syndicate, Peuthogram, Sick Bed

For more information...

March 24
Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK) Broadband Services Enhance Citizens Experience of Live Cultural Appropriation

The Media Deconstruction Kit (MDK), a project of the Experimental Party initiative, is introducing new online capabilities to deconstruct networks like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, and to reliably deliver to its end-users a range of transformed imagery and fragmented sound to bring about the systematic reordering of the senses.

Trace Reddell, Under Secretary for the Bureau of Pharmakogeographical Surveying, advocates systems of varied media ambiences "diverting [mass media] from its current roadmap to manufactured similitude through an hallucinatory recycling of composted media content."

The US Department of Art & Technology, responding to the gravity of the situation, is collaborating with artists and engineers, including Under Secretary for Cultural Appropriations Wesley Smith, to discover new tactics that stand at the cradle of art and science. As Secretary Packer stated in a recent Washington speech at Johns Hopkins University, "we must achieve the total deconstruction of media in order to build new formations, and we will advance this transformation we've created for purposes of propaganda."


January 20, 2004
'Anarchic Entertainment' for the Nation

WASHINGTON, DC - The Experimental Party is not merely an information portal, rather, it is a place were people gather to explore shifting paradigms, a space where the outside world is turned inside-out, a journey into an alternate reality, a spere of artifiice shot through with streaks of light and mutating signs. This is a space for the new media – dispersed, intermingled, sprouting rhizomes here and there, paradigms and perspectives that have emerged in our increasingly technological society. This is a shift to experimental thinking, an environment, a system of communication and production, a collective event that transforms the disenfranchised into active citizens, enabling them to enter the political process with renewed hope and agency.

For Visionaries only... ENTER