Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Wednesday, December 31, 1986

Went to Bernsohn's alone, got cured for a moment, walked downtown (phone $2, newspapers $2). Paige was upset there were no good-looking boys coming along on our New Year's Eve party, and her excuse is always that we need to find somebody for Tama, but she wants to meet them, too. I don't know why Paige has us doing all this for Tama--"We have to find Tama a boyfriend." Why? I mean, everybody in town needs a boyfriend. The whole world needs a boyfriend anyway, so Stephen Sprouse was coming. Poor Stephen, they're even after him, I think, and he's scared.

Worked till 7:45. The ballet kids came down and I took their pictures. It's so funny that when you look really close you see that Heather Watts actually has a sort of deformed body--and she's being even bigger, but her eyes are really beautiful. They're like gorgeous move-star eyes, the kind with the dark circle around the blue.

So Steven Greenberg was giving her New Year's Eve party at the River Cafe in Brooklyn. It was black tie and I was just in my crummy scarf. We left at 11:55 and we rode over the Brooklyn Bridge and that was the most fun part of the night with Paige telling Harold the driver to honk his horn louder and Paige was doing her piercing whistle that comes from her throat and as we came over the bridge, the fireworks were going. And then Tama came in the other car and she told us that Steven and Elizabeth Ray had just had a fight, and so later I said to Steven, "So have you had a fight with Elizabeth yet?" and he said (laughs), "No no, not yet, not yet."

And then we went to Scott Asen's house in Turtle Bay and there wasn't much happening there. Peter Martins was using the phone in the toilet and his son was just leaving--he's beautiful, he dances. And Sirio from Le Cirque was there, and we took him down to Nell's with us and he was fun. Nell took her clothes sort of off and threw herself on the table for a photograph and I told Sirio that he had to do that, too, if he wanted to make Le Cirque the really "in" place. he said his wife and kids were away so he was just on his own this New year's. He invited us for dinner on Sunday.

Paige and Tama went on to the Tunnel, we dropped them there, and then got home around 4:00, walked the dogs, and it threw my whole day off, it was so stupid to stay out late just because it was New year's.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, December 25, 1986

I got up early and walked to Paige's and she and Stephen Sprouse and I went to Church of the Heavenly Rest to pass out Interviews and feed the poor. It wasn't as crowded as it was at Thanksgiving. Afterwards Stephen and I walked down the street, and I had told John Reinhold we'd come by and he could take us to tea and he did, at the Carlyle, and that was sort of, I don't know, young guys waiting for their grandmothers to die. Stephen dropped me. Got a lot of calls to go to Christmas parties but I just decided to stay in and I loved it.


Monday, January 29, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Sunday, December 7, 1986

Stuart said he'd take me to the Liz Taylor night at his art school. Joseph Papp had rented the building for the night--it was the Creo Society organizing a benefit for AIDS. Stuart thought it was black tie and then he was the only one in black tie so he looked like a waiter. There was an hour of cocktails first at Papp's place next door in the Public Theater, and then they put up a plastic sidewalk for the people to get to Stuart's school, and they had it done up so beautifully with flowers and food. I told Stuart to just look at what his dump could really look like. And the first people I saw were Anne Bass and Peter Martins and Jock Soto. And I stiffened because I'd eaten so much garlic and I didn't want to breathe on anybody.

Leonard Bernstein was there, and he cried. He always cries. He's such a weirdo. The Hamlisch guy played, and Eileen Farrell was singing and Marilyn Horne and Linda Ronstadt and a guy sang "Ave Maria" in be-bop or rap or rock and roll and it was like an Ed Sullivan Show. And there were no speeches because Liz Taylor didn't show up. A New York Times reporter asked me what I thought of the performance and I said why didn't these stars do this show on Broadway because most of them were out of work--that since there's no more Ed Sullivan we don't ever see them all anymore. And then Papp came over and he said oh no, these people are much too big to work on Broadway, that they just got together for this one special night. And I mean, how can you be "big" if you're not working?

And then Bernadette Peters was there with her tits hanging out of her dress and I had already said hello but Stuart wanted to meet her, he insisted, and so I interrupted her and he started talking and then his violining fingers started moving all over her and as much happened as she'd let happen. And Stuart's standing there with so much tension, he said to her, "Can I give you a ride?" and she said, "No, thanks, darling. I have my own car."


Sunday, January 28, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Saturday, November 29, 1986

Fred called and said we had a lunch with Hans Meyer and the Mercedes-Benz guy at Harry Cipriani's bar. And the guy was handsome and lunch was fun. I think I'll try (laughs) to get a car and driver out of them, to get the "feel" for the paintings. I'm painting old Mercedeses for them.

Then Katy Ford and her husband Andre Balazs took me to the Miss Olympia contest at the Felt Forum, and afterwards we went to Tommy Tang's down on Duane Street. It was fun. Richard Johnson of Page Six was with us and he said that when he was working at the newsroom of the Post he got a phone call and it was Timothy Hutton saying, "Hello, this is Timothy Hutton. Did anyone there call me?" And Richard asked around ane everybody said no. And then Timothy Hutton asked, "Well did anyone call Madonna?" I guess she was with him. You know how these things are, you get a message with a number. And they said no. And so then he said, "Well where is it that I'm calling?" And they said, "The New York Post." And since we've got you on the phone, what are you doing with Madonna? And he hung up fast.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, November 27, 1986

Thanksgiving. The phone rang and it was Wilfredo saying he couldn't come with us to feed the poor, that he was going home to New Jersey. Paige called and said she'd pick me up in ten minutes, but it was half an hour before she and Tama and Stephen Sprouse arrived.

Victor had called in the meantime and I invited him to feed the poor with us. I don't know if he's on drugs or if now he's just always paranoid.

So we went to the Church of the Heavenly Rest on Fifth Avenue and 90th, and the good-looking priest had moved to St. Thomas's, that big chic church. And it looked overstaffed--like they had one volunteer for every eater. Everybody had their own waiter. So we went upstairs and there was this big dykey Irish woman giving the helpers their assignments and she said, "Are you here for food?" And Victor got offended and that started him off insulting people in the line, saying, "just eat fast and fuck off and get out so we can clean up." This is a church! And finally I told him, "Victor, we're here because we want to be." And there were a lot of photographers, I don't know if they were from the newspapers or what. So this dykey lady says to me, "I'm putting you on security, to keep people in order." And I said, "No, I'm not." So I ignored her and we served the food, and it's such a great church, there was food for people to take home, too, and I was giving everybody a lot. If there's this many hungry people there's really something wrong. A lot of people looked like they just came for a meal so they wouldn't be lonely, though. Maybe they even lived on Park Avenue, you can't tell.

And at the end it was sick, the councilmen came in and waved their arms around to show they cared, in case there were people taking pictures.

We left there and Victor dropped me and said he hated Stephen and Paige and Tama, that they were phonies and balonies, and then later he called and was saying he knew I was taping him on the phone and so he was talking "to the people on the other side of the tape recorder," and I don't know if he's on drugs or if he's just hallucinating on his own. There's something wrong with him.

I saw our Cars video, "Hello Again," on MTV. They ran it again, and it still looks really good. I can't believe it came out of our place. And I can't believe nobody else had us to do their videos after that. Oh, and I bought some magazines. A lot of them ($25). I walked the dogs and Paige called but I was too cozy to go out to dinner. And then Jean Michel called and he's furious at Paige because he finally found out about his father playing the cannibal in Paige's pictorial spread for Tama's book, A Cannibal in Manhattan, he'd just seen the time on Page Six about it. He said, "What is she trying to do? Is she after my father?" And he said his father's writing a book, and he said (laughs), "He's not even a drug addict--how can he write a book?" About what? That's the first time I ever heard Jean Michel say something funny. I wonder if that's his sense of humor. And he didn't go to Germany for his big show.


Friday, January 26, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Thursday, November 6, 1986

This was the night Larry Gagosian was supposed to be giving a pre-opening dinner for me, I thought, but then Fred sort of told me it was cancelled. Somehow he didn't want me at it, I'll get to that later. So when Paige called and said there was a business dinner at Chantilly's which is a good restaurant on Park and 57th, I said I'd go to that.

Paige picked me up and we got to the restaurant forty minutes late. Steven Greenberg and Margaux Hemingway were invited and Michael Gross from the Times and Barbara Hodes who he just got married to, she used to design for Parapernalia and she still looks the same as she did in the sixties. Sonia Rykiel was there, too.

Then Steven wanted to go to Nell's so we went down there, and we walk in and I saw Larry Gagosian and then I saw Fred sitting with Faye Dunaway and Jerry Hall! I'm not kidding! I don't know how that happened, if they were there and just coincidentally were sitting with him, but it seemed like this was the dinner that Larry was supposed to be giving for me. Fred was mumbling something like that he'd wanted to talk business with them alone or something. But I do think this dinner was supposed to be for me and that he'd told me it was cancelled just so I wouldn't go.

And Gagosian told me, "I got your Rorschach Test for my California show," and I said, "Where did you get it?" He said, "From Leo," and I said, "Oh , really? did you buy it?" and he said, "No, it's consigned." I said, "Well you can't have it." I got mad and tough. Because it's just one more show not to have. And Larry, I don't know, he's really weird, he got in trouble for obscene phone calls and everything. He's weird.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Tuesday, October 21, 1986

Diane Von Furstenberg was having a party for her boyfriend, Alain Elkann, who was married to the Agnelli daughter. He's French. He's written four books, and in France if you're an intellectual, you don't have to work, they just treat you like this big -- "intelletual." Like Loulou de la Falaise's husband who's supposed to be a novelist but I don't think he's ever finished anything. So Diane's going the Marilyn Monroe route of marrying one person for the name, and now she's going with this guy who'll write books about her.

Worked. Fred decided to come along. Closed up fast. Went to the Carlyle, ran into Sue Mengers in the elevator who'd been at the party, she was with her same husband and she's thin and I don't know what she's doing. She lives here now. The cake was in the shape of a book. Bob Colacello was there. I read his article on Bianca in the new Vanity Fair. She's back big again, the pictures of her walking with the Salvadorean Children in the fields.

Jean Michel called, back from the Ivory Coast. He said they sell meat with four milion flies on it--they cut off a piece and just sell it with the flies. He sounded normal, like he was off drugs and missing old times, he wants to do prints together.


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