Thursday, February 26, 2004

Wednesday, November 24, 1976--Vancouver--New York

Got up at 7 A.M. in Vancouver and cabbed to the airport ($15 plus $5 tip, magazines, $5). This is the end of the trip to Seattle for the Opening at the Seattle Art Museum there, then we'd gone to Los Angeles for Marisa Berenson's wedding to Jim Randall, then to Vancouver for my Ace Gallery Show opening there. Nobody in Vancouver buys art, though--they're not interested in painting. Catherine Guinness didn't get edgy till the last day when she started this annoying thing the English do--asking me over and over again, "What exactly is Pop Art?" it was like the time we interviewed that blues guy Albert King for Interview, when she kept asking "What exactly is soul food?" So for two hours on the plane she tortured me (cab from La Guardia $13, tip $7--Catherine was grand and gave him the whole $20). Dropped Fred off. Got home. Ate an early Thanksgiving dinner with Jed. He'd gotten the car serviced for the drive down to Chadds Ford in the morning to Phyllis and Jamie Wyeth's.

Eduardo Navas [+]
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