January 2, 2001


Participating Artist:
Jody Elff

Curator Michele Thursz.

"Jody Elff ": Jody Elff uses computer technology to extract sonic elements from the gallery environment and interpret these elements in new, musical ways.

RE.SOUND is activated by the sonic energy of the audience and the room. The computer responds to these ambient sounds and adds to them, thereby creating the sonic environment that surrounds the participant in the gallery.

The artist intends to generate an interactive musical experience, which magnifies the underlying sonic palette we experience in our daily lives. Through reinterpretations of data found in a particular space, Jody Elff has taken this practice into the realm of sound, creating an environment where "found sound" is the launching-off point for a new series of musical events.

Show Events/Schedule: January 11 - January 31, 2001
Opening reception: Thursday January 11, 2001 6-9 PM

Michele Thursz, Director

414 Broadway
New York NY 10013