About the subjective quality of the images







The technophiles in the audience may notice that the panoramic images contained in this installation are far from perfect. They are full of seams, exposure inconsistencies, and rotational skew. When I first created this installation, I had an early, inexpensive digital camera. The technology was relatively new in early 1998, and the least expensive ones were as much as I could afford, given my budget at the time.

The images could have been redone with better equipment but the sites would have changed appreciably by that time. However, a few new images are added to the original set of 22 that were combined with better stitching software that I created in the company of my long time friend and colleague, Jerry Domokur. The original images have a grass-roots feel, have an exploratory quality that you would find in a Mars Rover panorama, and the 2001 images were taken in the same way to maintain at least some of this look and feel. In many ways, this work's development was similar to that of an explorer rediscovering a landscape that was becoming alien when compared to the one that I knew as a child.

Secondly, the execution of the project occurred from November to February of 2001, in the middle of one of the snowiest winters in years in Ohio. To reshoot all of the panoramas in January would have created an unneccessarily bleak landscape that reflect a landscape not necessatily reflective of the concept of this installation.

Also, if you notice the quality of the 2000 images (Bob-O-Link, Downtowns Akron and Canton, Washington Park) these were shot using the same camera, but edited using PanaVue Image Assembler, which was a major upgrade to my editing suite. The result is that the images, while maintainging the same feel, no longer posess the color matching issues of their predecessors.

Equipment Used

Sony VAIO f680G Laptop, 20 GB HD, 192 MB RAM
Sony TRV11 MiniDV video camera
Epson PhotoPC digital camera
Web Design - Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 & Microsoft WordPad

Artwork editing: Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Corel Draw 7
Quicktime VR compilation:
PanaVue ImageAssembler
Video Editing: Adobe Premiere 5.1
Video Encoding: RealProducer G2
Video Capture: Sony DVGate
Sound Editng: SoundForge