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Brian and Tina Bowers
An interview
Problems with deer related to encroachment upon habitats
Feral pets caused by overpopulation
You need to get along with others to live in the city
On the evolution of malls in their time
Development can put stresses on resources, like water
Mass Transit will be more prevalent in the future
Civic developments like libraries often entice people to stay in the city for life
One benefit of cities like Aktron is its metropark system
Lou Camerato
On community
On consumerism as a social driver
Can developers use existing unused architecture?
On the new American Dream
21st century development will require new solutions
Lisa Cohee
Reflections on Stark County
The less affluent now have to look north for jobs
The types of jobs recent development is creating
The Internet may shape the way entire communities forms and interact
Thinking about Stark County
Jeff Davies
How the area has changed.
Malls in many areas have now become the center of town
The changes of character in the area over time
On change and determinism
The disappearance of community
Energy costs will be an increasing concern
Can we replace defunct factories with reforestation?
The impersonal nature of the area is increasing.
Bob DeHoff (audio only)
Development extends beyond political boundaries
On people's reaction to change and the need for proactivity
On the coming of blight
Considering urban sprawl
Excess retail space and the free market
Are developers planning for the larger view?
On Washington Square
Lynne Dragomeier
Reflections on the community
Hoover's relationship to North Canton
On the community
The history of the Hoover farm
Hoover's involvement in Washington Square
Bob Frank
The deforestation of Stark County
The trees are all gone
On wildlands in development
Mark Gasser
Aesthetics can set the tone of an entire community
Partnering urban and rural leadership can be a powerful combination
On Canton as a regional cultural center
Crime follows people and money
On the social responsibility of large scale retailers to the community
Jim Holl
(WARNING: Low volume level)
Thoughts about the interconnectedness of the area
Breaking the cycle of ineffective land management
On Infrastructural concerns

Groups from disparate parts of the county are beginning to work together
On the delegation of responsibility in development
The suburbs are now the power centers
Paradoxes within the community of Lake Township
The rate of growth in Stark County seems very manageable

"I'm optimistic about the area..."

The schizoid environment of Lake Township

On sprawl in Stark County
David Kidd
On green space
The John Glenn sculpture grove in Massillon
Preserving Zoar Lake
How I became a conservationist
Those who preserve land will be thought of as visionary in the future
Bill Lemmon (audio only)
5 acre mini-farms are creating sprawl at an amazing rate
On the nature of change in Stark County
Who will control development in a free market?
The expansion and collapse of retail space
Reflections on expansion in Stark County
The development of farm lands in Stark County
A developer talks about open space
Development over time is just a matrter of scale

Vertical development in Stark County?
The evolution of stores
On Washington Square
Alex Noussias
Reflections on her 18 years in Stark County
Are developers destroying the community?

How do we change our mindsets?
Betty Paparone
One woman's ambivalence to change
A developed site would later be needed for infrastructure
The elderly will increasingly be unable to shop at megastores
The Greenback reigns supreme
Change and greed
Unforeseen dangers in communities
Is there a logical end to development?

With development, and entire way of life can be lost

The destruction of historical structures and financial problems of suburban elderly
Are developers doing all they can to promote responsible development?
John Stein
Reflects on moving to the city from a rural environment
One father's excitement about raising a daughter in the city

On The Strip
Mayor Richard Watkins
21st Century Ghettoes
On the limits of the land

Historical precedentsof business and service in the city

On the social environment of the city

Communities and sustainability
Can cities be the site for future large scale agriculture?

On some of the history of the area

Cities can provide independance for those who might not normally have it