Brian Betz

is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Kent State University, Stark Campus. He recently built a new house in the Greentown - based Shepherd's Gate allotment.

Brian and Tina Bowers
are in the plastics and print industries, respectively. They have been residents of the Akron, OH area for over 50 years.
Lou Camerato
is president of Community Art Partners, a Canton - based non-profit organization seekign to promote local artists and cultural projects. Originally from New England, he has been part of the Canton community for several years.
Lisa Cohee
was unemployed at the time I interviewed her. She and husband Randy live in the industrial area of the south side of Canton, OH. Lisa is a lifetime resident of the area.
Jeff Davies
is owner of Compu-Print, a laser printing service bureau. He has lived in Canton and Stark Countymost of his life.
Bob DeHoff
is president of DeHoff/Prudential Realty in North Canton, Ohio. A local businessman with sizeable holdings in the area, he was one of the developers who created the Washington Square development. His family is a long time staple of the North canton community.
Lynne Dragomeier
Vice President of Communications for the Hoover Company, manufacturers of Hoover brand vacuum cleaners and home appliances.
John Fleischmann
is a retired employee of the Hoover Company. He and his Brother-in-law were instrumental in helping me understand the history of northern Stark County and the ways the area and its lifestyle has changed over time.
Bob Frank
is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Canton, Ohio.
Mark Gasser
is a board member of a number of Canton-based civic organizations, including the Downtown Develpopment Board. His family is noted for its jewelry business, which has been in business for over 100 years.
Jim Holl
is a retired planner for the Stark County Regional Planning Commission.
David Kidd
is founder of the American Free Tree Project and the Canton Transcendental Meditation Center. He is a long-time area resident, and is noted for his conservation and progressive efforts.
Bill Lemmon
is a partner in Lemmon and Lemmon, Inc., a contruction, appraisal and development firm in North Canton. The Lemmon family hasbeen prominent in Stark County since the early 20th Century. He has partnered with Bob DeHoff on meny projects, including Washington Square.
Alex Noussias
is a 19- year old area resident, who was inteviewed at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Canton's meeting place. She is currently involved in a number of social activism projects within the community.
Betty Paparone
is a longtime area resident and homemaker. Originally from Kansas City, she came to North Canton over 35 years ago.
John Stein
is materials analyst from Akron, Ohio. He and his wife, Mary recently had a little girl, Erin, and are raising her on the Northwest side of Akron. John is originally from New Philadelphia, a small community south of Canton.
Mayor Richard Watkins
is Mayor of Canton, Ohio. He has been in office for 9 years, and hasbeen committed to the revitalization of downtown Canton.