Instructions for navigation  

Sprawl contains three basic interfaces to help you navigate the site. These consist of the Upper Panel, Map (left) panel and content (right) panel.

Contains the title and links to key infomation about the artwork. This includes the artist's statements, information on the participants, a site map, and these instructions.
If you ever get lost in the site, just click the "HOME" link, and you will be brought back to the entry screen.


The left panel consusts of a geographical street map that shows the location of each of the sites that were documented. mouse over ay of the orange dots to get a description, or click to go to the site itself. To scroll around the area, merely click on any of the arrows to move the the appropriate direction.

Content Panel

This area (lower right) contains the documentation for each site covered in the artwork. Each area includes a Quicktime VR panorama, reflective text (to the right) and onsite footage and interviews represented by the thumbnail images beneath the panorama. Merely mouse over any of the thumbnails to see a brief description, or click to view the video.


These are only found in each site's content screens. They are as follows:
Left Arrow - Return to prev. Screen
Home - Return to Entry Screen
? - Help - Takes you to this screen
Sitemap - To site map with links to all areas
Forward Arrow - Go to next screen.

Entry Screen

Sample Content Screen


Click Home or HERE to return to the main screen