"...in American cinema..."

"American Cinema" is a dual Java applet that compares images from schlock horror films (on the left), and images from pornograhic films (on the right).  Each frame contains 50 unique images, displayed in a stack using 3d rendering technology, allowing the viewer to zoom through the stack by clicking and dragging the mouse up and down over the image.  It is odd that the images on the left, frequently displaying mutilation, rape, and torture, are far more disturbing than those on the right, yet the images on the right are considered "X" rated and the left only "R" rated.

The applets run best in Internet Explorer. On Macintosh OS 9 and older, you may have to hit the refresh button to get both applets to appear.

Special thanks to brainsonfilm.com for the horror, and Blackhawk for the porn.