The inside of people's computers may reflect the minds (personalities) of the individuals or groups that use them. If one was to gain such information, you would discover what political issues, products that were paid for online, and of course what sites they visit and much more. 'What makes the most money on the Net?'. You got it - Pornography. So welcome to my [HaRdWaRe]net project, using images sound and Java Script; a visually, poetic play on such questions as 'what would it be like if someone was looking inside my computer right now?'. Ask yourself the same question, it doesn't feel too great does it? Welcome to the darkness, that (suppozed autonomous) secret grotto that other people seldom see, have a look inside my computer & ask yourself, what if I was looking inside of yours? (m.garrett)

Soundtrack by 'Ouch Those Monkeys'