Vision Bender

Angle-less does despise - it does over emphasize
my physical loss of movement, jailing thy scope

I am groping for room for breath, it does grope

Dangerous eyes do meander - they gander any gender
a vision sender and life bender, sight dispenser
emotional inventor of what I have not yet comprehender

It rests in most corners, sitting like a friend
lingering, sniggering. It mingles everywhere
sharing its endless innards - sublime, all the time

Killer of my space, rapid, invading space and I am
a star homing into its Cyclops eye. Caught among the
flicker, flickering its emotional maze, trapping

Bulger's last testament - our mutual haze is collected
spliced and then it becomes part of the visual noise.
Squeezing blurred info, info radical, it spies

Whether calamity or vanity, it is here, there, no care
for path tredders, concrete pacers, measured am I.
Sought by dangerous eyes, it does despise my own eyes

Dead, wired into my life and yours, and it is our life
it desires. It wants, my situation is clocked.
Planted, stunted is one's growth, choking my mind

It rewinds the motion, a constant assault teeeezing
thy emotional glands. It does marginalize my action,
my movements. Jailing thy scope, limiting hope

Outer eye, evil eye, watching my personal growth, out
here. Consuming one's space, no grace, in yer face,
our race is traced, and then reinvented, displaced...