memory = ...

One day, I came across a very close friend of whom I once shared many
intimate experiences with, in fact I remembered that we both enjoyed
rather good ....

We laughed and giggled and she reminded of when she ...... me in the woods

My mind spun, caught in the flux of hazy memory bites. Then I mentioned that
may be we should have another go at putting my .... .... where the sun does
not shine.

We both blushed at the idea whilst we both stood in a busy precinct amongst
many other souls wandering about, not knowing of our intimate verbal &
sensual retorts. Then I suggested that it might be fun if we ..... each
others bodies together, entwined.

We both shuddered at the thought of mutual entwinement, then she pulled out
a picture of me as I was .......

That was it, she had saved it, that moment & essence of us together sharing
a passion that was bigger than any small minded war, a tear trickled down my face. Then she mentioned about the time of when we both enjoyed the experience of .......
Oh, it was too much to take. We both cried together & held hands re-united in our unfettered glory of what was real. Real pleasures come to those who wait...