Info On Marc's Emails
Email Art is the unsung imaginative hero of the Internet age. A virtual sister of the phenomena usually sent by snail mail commonly known as Mail Art. By now anyone who has frequented group lists, listservs, Blogs and BBS's have experienced Email Art. There are many different styles and genres of this ever growing, independent medium. Lists are a perfect environment for such an explorative and technologically fluid activity. When sending emails to friends or to lists, for me, the formats usually consist of either ascii, rtf, gif, jpg, html, sometimes with a snippet of javascript it can depend who and what list you are sending to. Some people and organisations insist sometimes on not wanting html emails, it is good to play around with this sort of limitation.

For me, it is also necessary to conceptually take account of the medium and its format for that is part of the frame/canvas/workings. And of course important to have fun at the same time, for that is when one is most imaginative. A lot of my work is linked to other sites/images/txt communicating and using the function of networking, connecting to other sites (they might not know this of course) as well as to some of my own web sites.

So welcome, to a small collection of my Email_Art which has been sent to many computer users, globally over the years. I have already sent all of these emails to various friends, listservs and lists such as the Rhizome Raw list, Syndicate and others, including institutions; some of whom have complained that they do want this kind of 'upstart' art, in their inbox - usually art institutions and people who are not interested in such Net creativity. In time they will accept and realize the importance of relational creativity - but until then. Let's Make Our Own World ;->