Cyber Sex Sensation

I will no longer have
to touch the key board
to tap out my agendas
and personal vendettas
and what's more I will
no longer need a screen to dream

I will no longer need
physical space
once I have jumped
into the immaterial
once I have emerged
into that transcendental
mental state of dreamlike
synthesis of
sub.............conscious desire
digital desire will supersede visceral need
flesh will be obsolete
and without a comp
I will feel incomplete

sex games via Microsoft
sega and the rest
designed scenarios made for
my pleasure
with luscious effects
to astound
tapping into the profound
with sense surround

new toys for us little boys
& girls to act out our lack
will flood the market
companies will dictate
our actions
via interactive
means - schemes

to cum
into the
by the other
which is
blinded by
the compliance
that science gives
will be...
...second nature

displaced bodies will become
anti visceral
anti physical

afraid of emotional
truth's within
clouding the membrane
with non-brain solutions
with the appliance of science
and all what it feeds and
when I lie back
after the experience
of digital sensation
contemplation of the orgasm
the word love
would of somehow
of escaped my thought's stream