A tidal wave of sensuality bursts out of my being,
splashing out into the world, crashing through big,large, overwhelming walls.
A green glade of spring gushing, it exudes from me, free from all those ransid fears, let it loose, it's big, large, bigger than, bigger than wars.
Ephemoral translucency disappears leaving space, for me, for me, I rule this spot, this little heart is big, bigger than me.
Love streams it's potency, filling in once blotted holes, they were big and now they are no more, I swim across this desert with ease, with ease.
Catch this wind which rolls through me like a tornado, blustery, healing, dealinng, feeling and needing away at fatty pungent dough.
Drift, I dare you to drift and let all those clinging vines loose, I dare you to to share this essence as it
grows it flows. it flows.
Touch me, I dare you to touch this bleeting, beating heart which screams your dreams and kisses your fears, touch me, in there, in there.
Forget all the dead weight tears and cry out for the weightless tears that will expand your grins, it's big, it's larger than us.
Unfold those creasy, creases that bind you, tie you to concrete seams, help me and help yourself, lets get out of this cynical rome.
My language is my breath as I release the psyche from it's theoretical ball and chain, clamped up in semaphore's I snap and smash heraldry.
I chew up the classics, My language is my breath
I chew up the classics, there is no, no elegy
I chew up the classics, my language is my breath
I chew up the classics, there is no, no elegy
Enter me you glittering haze of adore,
I adore your fresh smile as it carressses my spirit,
leaving no shadow unturned, it glitters.