The Following information was taken from a cynical trial conducted by the
Anti-Net Art Society. Click Here for Entire Study.

Hello, My name is Dr. Yes Sir I will do as you wish - Johnson, President of the Anti-Net Art Society.

Our well known and established organization is constantly researching and developing methods and products to slow down and even reverse the independent and ever creative effects of Net Art and its recent achievements. I'm writing to share with you an important strategic breakthrough in the treatment of Net Art.

Very recently, a product was released by the name of Dehumanizing the Internet.
This non revolutionary product is institutionally proven to reverse the independent Net Art process.

Our aim is to promote only those that we have supported or have close connections to, or allegiances to, during the so called 'heroic age', thus actively leaving out those who were not supported and are still not affiliated to many of our established structures; thus leaving them out of the picture of accepted history. Our tactic is a breakthrough, we create a conference or exhibition and many apply from all over the world, then we turn down those who are not connected to or supported by affiliated institutions; using this disclaimer: 'We received proposals from hundreds of artists, theorists, researchers, scientists and performers in over 25 countries. The overall standard of proposals was extremely high, and unfortunately we had to make some very tough decisions to arrive at a program which we feel fitted the thematic and topical focus we were trying to achieve'. Of course, we knew that many of the more underground Net Artists would apply but if you want the best, meaning those of whom who are already accepted, we highly recommend that you use this very effective method of objective deduction.

So use this incredible disclaimer yourselves, completely unparalleled by any method of isolation on the market today, a perfect divide and rule tactic. This is an ideal way for us to get rid of those upstarts who question our ethics, leaving them to rot with those 'normal' people who are not institutionally proven:

New aesthetic rules and control restored

Increased admin levels
Improved structures and non emotional stability
reprogrammed memory and Art-World security
Increased sexual nepotism
Controlled artists
Loss in subversive's
Increased curatorial exploitation
Reduced Radical Net Art

Real Net Art disappears

Make Net Art Your Product, rewrite history. Take it out of the hands of those who are engaging in it collectively and supporting each other (because we were too scared of their challenging ideas in the first place) many of us whom are running institutions know from experience, that this takes power away from our own faculties. Kill them dead!!! Before they get more power. Remember - collect their ideas first because as I am sure you know by now, this is good currency, but do not accept them for they will begin to break down our specialization into non specialist environments. And before you know it everyone will be an Artist or Net Artist; and where would that leave us then?
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