<slip.page][ing][ language="meme.ment">

function IN_SlipperingFix() {

  if (document.IN.IN_SlipperingFix.initWiddershinsWeap != Widdershins.innerWeap || document.IN.IN_SlipperingFix.iniWitheringPageHome != withering.innerPageHome) {
    document.we slide 2wards = document.we slide 2wards;
}a slippering meme.ment
}we slide 2wards
}the l][ingual][ocus widened & a s][ilk][urface flipped
}pu][t][r][id][rceptions off N open
}my ][g][lobes sign in2 smoothe air
}a video clip][lane][.ping!
}i am stilled N warm-suitable
}a space of a][nti][llayed noise
}ob.ject & iffy.cations
}s][t][amp][eded][LED snippets
}][code][re][d][actions break the trenches
}frozen append.ages snap in cr][h][os][t][sed-f.ire
}a knifing mark, a forked-in g.][weaving][loom//


in clarity we d.str][act][uct
in focus we re][a][p.eat// -->