.@m =  bad transitive male.err][or][

.@mm = bad ][trans][missives ma][shed up N groupie][le.err][ors][

.pay.load][ings][ = c.rash][ed N ruby red][ing computer .w][tid][a][l][+ a.lite.ting yr text with ][key][stroked n.tent

.Da.][screened][mage][s scream in static fury][ = memory residing +  triggered e.vent][u.alities][ + ][I][N.][the silicon ][crypt.ing + poly.][wants a cracked Outlook][morphically perverse

.D.grading & ][cod(ual)e][ perfor][ations][mance = s  l  o  ][thish][ w  i n  g  s

.D.l][ites in][ete.ing = f][@mm][iles

.Geo][phtical][spatial di][e][.stri][p][][(a)bution(s) = high ][on the ][ g.][lingual][lob][es][al threat + medi][a][um + low][ings of the virus literate][
(localized or non-wild threat).

.In.][af][fect.ion l][str][ength = s][r][izing up the viral c][pr][o][grammatic][de

.La][nguage of the ciph(destroy)er][rge scale e-mailing = massed p][l][ayloading by the s][ vitriolic v][endor emails + a][b][ccess.ing  local][e][ add.res][t][s books