Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:28:23 +1100
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From: "self re:ply.cator" <netwurker@HOTKEY.NET.AU>
Subject: meat prodigy :: _sca][tte][r.ed text ][t][issue_
Comments: To:,,

][ec][h][oed & trans.duced::

[2 toned senses based in]
[etio][B][lated m][f][ixes]

[we. r. hone][d][y. drenched. & text. jilling. whilst. u. conceptually.
jack - N - jerk]

][p][m][ote.ntials :: l.ost][ensibly][ -&- cloned

[b.lank voi.ce][a][s][e & d.sisting][
[meat b][pr][odi][gy][es massed in a p.ump][teened & correspondence
[screamed n.ternals & scraped p(ur.s][e][onal)rojectilians blowing
smoke][fashion-gashed][ rings]

[my. ultrasonic. screens. thun][sub][der][mal][ous. & r.etching m.magery]

h. over. ing in2:

[o][sac][rifice.d (re)orientation.als vs. sca][tte][r.ed text ][t][issue]



. . .... .....
[trans. loose. (e)NT][ity][]
[sel][l][f reply.cation]