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POST: -------------------- Start XXXpost-As.sign.][mute][ation results ----------------------
POST: ][t][hiz][zing][ mail ][frenzies][ is ][on][ proba][tion][.bly an XxX-post.
POST: u can ][w][rec][k][ any nu(anced)bile strains][ognise or b.l][attice][ock
sim][u.lated][ilar un.want(on|off)ed mail.
POST: c http://am.p.(ost)utation.org/tag/ 4 ][thomas][more.
POST: content ][2 wallow & crust][anal][l][y.sis details: (101 posts, 101 XxX-referenced)
POST: Hit! (1 projectile) BODY: claims u can shift & s.lithe.r meaning 4m. the. list.][Ees][
POST: Hit! (2 rejections) BODY: conta][m][in][ate][s a claim of photo.copy.rit][ual][es
POST: Hit! (10 points) BODY: ][m][asks u in2 ][c][licking. yr. IDentity. cross.
POST: Hit! (1 pointer) BODY: n.cludes a 're:voke @ all costs' email address
POST: Hit! (10 d.flectors) BODY: x.cludes any link to a likely XxXposting address
POST: -------------------- End of XXXpost-As.sign.][e.l][ation results ---------------------



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