To: rhizome
From: ".traumachine." <>
Subject: Re: RHIZOME_RAW: <.SNIP.>E


At 04:40 AM 21/10/2002 -0700, you wrote:

u raise blather-foam + r *not* GNU silicon-soaked; contrived from somnambu][turn.table][lism
u luv the l][acuna][oom & C.crete the facile spin. u r.ape
with soma,
][naked][ lunch stom.aches with jaded ribs + suck words & wracking down yr side.
wr.eye.ting sinks in s][ub.standard][niper.down; liminal variablity
when pressured +
saurian over.kill][ahs][. Shouldering moss.texts, u
gesture +
cross yrself with laptop blood.

u fin][shell.f][ish + blurb. Damage + rastering facts + rage theses
reznor + dropping yr visor in false dis.course tournament.
yr mark:: uncommunicative, lye + hog fat.uousness
with no weight.
surges of f][ull][rontals do not a action(script) make. yr musk-scripts keen +
stop f][m][oment(s)
again, (blindness-is-the-new-literary-winter, skipping the soft.ware juice
suspend rhythmical + wilt in ball.less routines. Yr
words abs][re][cess
while aims r set 2 rote. Cross dreams with s(ignifier)trychnine;
quill blest
with crusted, barfing repeat dogs + lined symb][c][olic pages. yr blocs
+ travel.liniments r ratified
4ever. u echo planes of meat
thru a #D-flat sky.scrape
wounded with sic() growth.
yr text arcs spit canons: the ooze
stipples: the
fin of tabs + locks + n.serts:
4 u, 4 always.


. . .... .....