Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 19:00:22 +1000
From: "Cur.][O][va.ture" <>
Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: ab.sinth][e.tic][ resin -- [god.lather]
Reply-To: "Cur.][O][va.ture" <>


d.fine][d e.motional rigidity via ][this drug.[s]take compiling. For a BaStarD biology
d.fine nothing; this is the D.faulting thru vapid ][e][motional curren][t][cy.

d.][sugar & refuse re][fine[d] this, if your biometrics do not provide the ab.synthetic ()
call. rou.lette[r]ing thru yr absence, stripping & tr.acts of
smothered god.[b]lathering.

D.][n.fin][it][e this, if your system does not provide the CIRCUI.TREE ()
call. trust in yr celled walled [s]paces, d.void of accentual lust.

define this, if your system has no limits. i smell thru yr s][ilicon][kin.
drowing in yr pl][e][as][ure][tic rictus.

define this ][@ yr pilled peril][, in.clu][e][ding general debauchery c][hilled & wet][[l]ode[s].

define this, please. wood u like to induce god.s][yllabic][ome code?


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