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Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 18:02:48 +1000
Subject: [webartery] aching trans[ab]lation

[smoothing through the lost (my.cunt)

[ob.jectory 1 seems to want to burst through you. you are all
correspondingly drenched & perfumed groomed as fuming unconscious nodes. do
not dis.appoint.]

[in.vectory 2 wears a "ye old" folding body, weaponed with archaic plague
singers. they ache 2 thread & scorch, but polarise instead. you need
subscriber swingers. you context your wingtips & turn 2
typographic-yearners, all smarm & choco.late vocality. your head tagging &
cock.ed flicking author.ity unintentionally copyrights their poser
tactility taunts. such an auctorial shame.]

[in.varsity 3 engages dream.buoys & life preserver girls, growling for a
gauging, flaming hit. i stamp & tame my blistering conceptual foot.
pornoesque slickness beads on the corners of your unborn mouth. u desire a
format thrill.]

[con.textory 4 dynamically lick & lurch with click shifters & link-shirt
lifters. stenographing stenches hang in your distillate air. you sweat &
shit & symbolically, cholically project.]