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Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: _net.code(r3) !: Sunday April 21 2002 :_
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][mez][ [offers dot sm][f][udges 4 all]
][mez][ we][class][aves + proposition prods, all gangle [i's]eyes & s][ilent][poke.n finga blurred....
][mez][ ag.gre][p][.vates + re.vulv][a][s in2 dev.oh.lut]e[][ionary gap.pages
][mez][ marvel][com(ma)ic][s @ zuch re:veal.*tions

][mez][ .is. .h.(e)a(d)][it][es.less

][mez][ dr][l][inks link.age power in short, s.harp. bursts....
][mez][ feels her sen.s][t][ory mode wide.N, glyping & gli.ding][!][...

][mez][ media [m]ewes & moans
][mez][ says, "Helen + claire>> that's y I construct my work on various absorption lvls, & load it in such a way as 2 n.sure that all netizens can acc.cess @ least 1 version...."
][mez][ codes 4 in.voluntary t.wi][n][(t)c(h)es, g.host meta.4s & drenching tugging hypa.l.inkages....
][mez][ e.vokes the cur][ed][ious
][mez][ a.xis][ts][ + ack.cesses, pro.][e][moting the slip & motion
][mez][ ditt.ohs, cs the haunt.ting][les][ & celeb.rates][it high.lee][
][mez][ wurks + w(h)atches, all binary ][g][limp][sed][....

][mez][ says, "Laura>> do u think this capitalistic/consumerism push is echoed in the need to produce object-defined wurks in terms of wurk viewable [as in a craft oriented perspective] as opposed 2 net.wurks that thru their very dependency on the net may not be as concretely accessible?"
][mez][ says, "Ns>>my question when I create is oft.10:......how ][k][not 2 mimick/reiterate sensory-driven templates, & yet create a document.ary like the holistically
d.termin][able][ed wurk like _][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode_."
][mez][ says, "Laura, yes, its n.teresting stuff...i've been curious about such craft/object oriented wurk 4 a long time, s.pecially in terms of how it is absorbed more readily in2 a pre.supposed canon..linear & driven as in 4rm an economically rationalist perspectiff..."
][mez][ says, "The _n.hanced_ & _text_ versions in _][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode_ http://www.cddc.vt.edu/host/netwurker/ all stem from a basic net.wurk; 1 that is projected via email lists as an n.stinctive reaction 2 the data][in][flux/meniscus that su][pports][rrounds it. these email code.wurks n.capsulate my particular trajectory [in terms of net usage 2 d.fine/actualise the wurk] more aptly than these click n x.plore versions that r pre.sent in _][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode_ "
][mez][ says, "...all the _texts_ [and I use this term 2 n.clude the whole shebang, not just the typed components] should be able 2 b negotiated [in terms of meaning] from the very email core that I have constructed ini.tially, in ut][n][e][t][ro.........but I find that ppl r reluctant 2 do so........"
][mez][ says, "Of course, laura....learning 2 predict a users out.look in terms of how they may navigate/per.use a wurk is the first step in how 2 ][wo][manipulate this..."

. . .... .....

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