To: convergence
From: "net.cod][a][e][x][r" <>
Subject: _net.code(r) !: December 2, 2001_

_net.code !: December 2, 2001_

][*.mez][ p][a][I][nts][xel.lates & strings big phat helloish .wavs 2 all:0)
][*.mez][ s][ilicon][mears a cong.rad][ical][ulatory layer of ][/m.bed.ded][ dust ova all
][*.mez][ b.gins 2 spin a s l o w][eave][ of physi.c.auled n.tent
][*.mez][ cracks a bag of net.wurked bones & act][1 scene 2][(d)ual g][primary][hosts....
][*.mez][ shifts a psych][tr][ic][kle][al fluid al(l).][s][igning
][*.mez][ moni.tor][as & bibles & korans][ d.elves ][& w(h)I(t)ches][
][*.mez][ post.lingu.all.s & re][ligious][.m][y millenium][otes
][*.mez][ ][dot][com.moons, re.threads, con.necks][n moaning throats][
][*.mez][ ][gar.g][oyles the mystic ma.][& godened][chines.....
][*.mez][ freezes in2 s][tone][pace
][*.mez][ shrinks in2 a ][pre][d.fined gap, & pre.pairs 2 d.volute.....
][*.mez][ says, "Cya all."

The housekeeper arrives to remove ][*.mez][.


. . .... .....
.net.c][haracter][o.ding][!][. ..