How many navigators are we? Is the multi-dimensionality of global culture's collective imagination operating in a universal space? But then what is a universal space when it's up to each individual to use the power of dreams to visualize the next frontier of poetic development?

Input/output. The sensorium of border-crossings and the narcotic blur of timelessness as we authenticate the silence.

Here: an open space. The muse arouses a feeling of ur-sexuality as the pristine fields of action dirty themselves with the excretion of simulated fluids.

An intelligent product tells a story and bits of data traverse the network. In these disembodied moments of surreal pleasure, there ignites the flaming rhetoric of ecomomic composition.

Digicash delivery systems motivate the mechanism even more as it advertises its ability to create a market of pure momentum.

The speed of this momentum is born in the avant-garde of presence and in this expectoration of instant modality, a new user enters the terrain and is swarmed by a sea of useless information-ejaculation.

"I am telling you this," says HTC, "I am telling you this even as I see it happening to me, the convolution of writing forces..."