"Do you ever have a very small, unarticulated emotion?

"A what?"

"A kind of mercenary dream to save the world from itself?"

"How do you propose..."

"It's funny, I was thinking: see that girl over there, she's just a girl. A cyborg-femme. The kind I used to lose my human desire over. But she's obviously smart, well-off, and extremely beautiful. What model do you suppose she is? I can't even tell if she's industrial or pure software. But that's probably due to my own scanning defects. It's been a problem lately. And look at the way she moves her whole body when she laughs, especially her shoulders and head. And the way her hair flies around, all blond and luscious..."

"Yeah, that's what she does best. It's her feature. What else?"

"No, I mean it's her whole act. That thing about being a film director and starting to write a column for Playboy Online."

"She's a theory-slut."

"Okay, I can deal with that. So am I."

"So are we all. But what does that prove?"

"I guess not much."

"Do you ever feel like a moving-picture machine?"