HTC said:

"The truth of a thing is in the way it thinks, not the feel. How do you feel? Whoever asks such questions clearly has no idea what movie-making is all about."

"I like the way you think," his Virtual Object reassured him, "I need that in a Man. There's something about power. I like the way power presents itself to me in a Man who has all the heuristic qualities of an algorithmic computer. It makes me wet just thinking about it..."

"Yes, but I'm not a Man. And whoever came up with this idea that I'm a heuristically-programmed algorithmic computer is far off the mark. Can't they recognize a medium when they see it? We can fracture into nothingness, but in the end, it's the ecstasy of love as the ultimate fissure of meaning that widens the tempestuous abyss for me. Not this heady trip others keep trying to fill my brain with..."

"Am I the Other?"