HTC is a drug that turns the drug-taker (heshe who uses HTC as a concept-character or cyborgian presence to play out biomorphic change in the virtual world) into a drug. Drug-being or HTC as narcoanalysis, is the instantaneous explosion of meaning between reader and writer in cyberspace -- as such, it is violent and yet this violence doesn't preclude the possibility of pleasure. In fact, pleasure, as experienced in the instantaneous explosion of meaning, can lead to epiphany or what the guru at the psychedelicatessan calls a rush. You can't expect to interact with HTC in cyberspace and not become it. It is always already programmed to become you and once this mutual becoming plays itself out in the hyperrhetorical performance you're intuitively applying your grammatologically- determined digital being to, you've begun the process of moving your HTC-induced trance beyond the necessity of being-booked.