Online Exhibition
NETworking - Net Art from the Computer Fine Arts Collection

The Haifa Museum of Art
New Media Center

boredomresearch a.k.a. Vicky Isley and Paul Smith, UK
Wish, Edition No 2, 2006

Lia, Austria
10 , 2001


Ed Burton, UK
Stress, 2002


Yoshi Sodeoka, USA
Ascii Rock ,2003

Thomson & Craighead a.k.a .Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead,  UK
Beacon, 2005

John F. Simon, Jr, USA
Every Icon , Edition No 92, 1997

Elout De Kok , Holland
Zabnulvier v.08 ,2004

RSG a.k.a. Alex Galloway, USA
RSG-CPE0C-1, "Carnivore Personal Edition Zero Client" ,2001

Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES  a.k.a. Young-hae Chang and Marc Voge , South Korea

Mark Napier, USA
Skywhite, 2005

MTAA, (M. River & T. Whid Art Associates), USA
onKawaraUpdate (v2), Edition 1 of 3, 2007


Andy Deck, USA
Wildlife Offline, 2007